The financial cockpit for your customers

Optimize exchanges with your clients and give them the tools they need to better understand their accounting.

Improved financial statement presentation allows you to present interactive financial statements to your clients based on your existing BOB50 files.

Interactive graphic presentation

We present your financial statements in interactive charts that your client can navigate to better understand them.

Financial statements at a glance
With our interactive graphs (balance sheet, profit and loss, cash flow, ...) you simplify the explanations to the customers and you can give them the hand to better manage their company.
To the last detail
Your client can navigate through their accounting with the level of detail you define. Allow them to visualize their financial statements to better understand them.
Quick updates
No more exchanging financial statements via PDF or paper. Upload an updated BOB50 file for your client to enjoy in just minutes.

Always up to date Beta

To make your work easier, your customer can activate the automatic transfer of his bank statements and receipts in digital form.

Digital bank statements
Your client can connect their bank accounts to, allowing them to communicate all their banking transactions to you digitally. Spend more time advising them, not encoding bank data.
Dematerialization of receipts
For each bank transaction your customer can directly link a voucher or attach a note explaining the transaction. This will save you time during the reconciliation process and unnecessary exchanges to request more documents.

Tout ce dont vous avez besoin

A 360° platform

From a simple presentation of financial statements to a tool for steering and collaboration.

PCN 2020 compatible
A modern tool that complies with the latest accounting standards, including PCN 2020.
Digging into your numbers
With our dynamic charts and graphs you can dig into your numbers and break down the hierarchy.
A steering tool
With the integration of cash flows, is much more than a presentation tool, it is a steering tool!
Integrated ratios
The most common financial ratios are integrated and available to evaluate the financial health of the company more easily.
Invite collaborators
Invite as many users as you want: employees, board of directors, investors or banks.
EBITDA calculation
In addition to the legal presentation, you will also find the presentation of the results in EBITDA form.
Interactive annual meetings allows you to manage annual meetings with your customers in an interactive and 100% digital way.
Available everywhere is available on computer, tablet and mobile devices. Wherever you are, you can access

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