Custom digital reporting services and tools

Our team of specialists in finance, software and data management will turn your financial and non-financial data into online interactive business reports.

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Why Choose ?

Based on our economic, financial and data analytics expertise, we see ourselves as your long term partner providing you with the right tools to become more cost efficient, productive and profitable.

Report advisory and consulting

Together we go through your present way of working and help you to identify what reports and KPIs you need, to get a deeper insight into your financial and non-financial data.

Tailor-made solutions

We build your personal Dashboard based on your requirements. You can select from predefined building blocks to fully tailor-made reports combining financial and non-financial KPI's.


Dashboard hosted on your server

You are fully in control of your data. You decide where your Dashboards are going to be hosted. We support you to install your Dashboard platform on your own server infrastructure or in your preferred data center.

Diversity of data types and sources

We implement the optimal solution for you to manage your diversity of data types and sources. provides automated database connections to various database infrastructures as well as data templates (Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, CSV, txt, etc) upload or custom web forms.

Data driven decision making should be at the heart of strategic decision making in businesses. We help you answer your key business questions.